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Special Air Conditioned Jaffna Night Intercity Express Train

The Department of Railways has decided to commence a special air conditioned Night Intercity Express train to Jaffna runs Friday only start from 17th of June, 2022 onwards for overnight journey that will operate on high-demand routes. Train will operate from Mount Lavinia to Kankesanthurai. This train scheduled to begin its journey every Friday at 10 pm in the night from Mount Lavinia railway station and scheduled to reach the Kankesanthurai railway station at 05.54 am next day (Saturday).

Train will return on every Sunday night at 10 pm from Kankesanthurai railway station and this journey will start from 19th June, 2022 and the express train will reach to Mount Lavinia railway station at 06 am on next day (Monday).

Seat reservation can make through web and mobile apps.

The URL of the web for Seat reservation:


Profile of Jaffna Night Intercity Express train

Train Operating Time

Mount Lavinia


10 pm (every Friday)

05.54 am (every Saturday)


Mount Lavinia

10 pm (every Sunday)

06 am (every Monday)

Seat arrangement

1st class cars

(Air Conditioned)

10 cars named as A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I, and J (each have 52 seats)

all 520 Seats are reservations seats




Train Departure from Mount Lavinia to Kankesanthurai

The train Stop Stations


1. Mount Lavinia

22:00 hrs

2. Dehiwala

22:03 hrs

3. Wellawatte

22:08 hrs

4. Bambalapitiya

22:16 hrs

5. Colombo Fort

22:25 hrs

6. Gampaha

23:04 hrs

7. Veyangoda

23:15 hrs

8. Polgahawela

23:52 hrs

9. Kurunegala

00.19 hrs

10. Anuradhapura

02.13 hrs

11. Vavuniya

03.11 hrs

12. Kilinochchi

04.26 hrs

13. Jaffna

05.25 hrs

14. Kondavil

05.35 hrs

15. Chunnakam

05.40 hrs

16. Kankesanthurai

05.54 hrs


Train Departure from Kankesanthurai to Mount Lavinia

The train Stop Stations


1. Kankesanthurai

22:00 hrs

2. Chunnakam

22:07 hrs

3. Kondavil

22:12 hrs

4. Jaffna

22:18 hrs

5. Kilinochchi

23:28 hrs

6. Vavuniya

00:43 hrs

7. Anuradhapura

01:35 hrs

8. Kurunegala

03.32 hrs

9. Polgahawela

04.00 hrs

10. Veyangoda

04.38 hrs

11. Gampaha

04.49 hrs

12. Maradana

05.20 hrs

13. Colombo Fort

05.26 hrs

14. Bambalapitiya

05.38 hrs

15. Wellawatte

05.43 hrs

16. Dehiwala

05.51 hrs

17. Mount Lavinia

06.00 hrs


This Air Conditioned coach has comfortable 520 reclining chairs, 2 Buffet cars between carriages E and carriages F for passengers. All air-conditioned carriages have facilities such as a passenger information system to inform the current and next stopping station, LCD TV (for entertainment screens) with Wi-Fi speaker system. The interior of coaches will be aesthetically designed to give a modern look.


Ticket fares for the Train for main Railway Stations is as follows;


1st class

From station

To station

Colombo Fort


LKR 2,100

Colombo Fort


LKR 2,400

Colombo Fort


LKR 3,000

Colombo Fort

Jaffna/ Kankesanthurai

LKR 3,200

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